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Military Style Camping Gear

The military can teach us a lot about how to survive in the wild. While those of us who aren’t in the service may not know all the secret tactics and techniques of the military, we can take cues from them by using camping gear — military style.

bottles and backpacksYou might be wondering how military-style camping equipment differs from normal camping equipment. Quality is one way. Military gear is going to be well-made and extremely rugged. While you may not find a lot of fancy frills, you will find equipment that gets the job done.

Military surplus stores are great places to buy outdoor gear made for military use. You can find clothing made for the wilderness, from headwear to footwear and everything in between those two extremes. Whether you’re camping in the woods or the desert, you can find the perfect clothing just made for such conditions. A shelter is something else you’ll find, including a variety of tents for different size groups and various terrains and climates. Then there are the gadgets!

Need to see far away? Try a pair of military binoculars. To find your way, try a G.I. compass or GPS system. Many surplus stores even offer handbooks and guidebooks which teach you how to survive in a variety of conditions. And don’t forget the tools. You’ll discover military style knives, shovels, sharpeners and much more at a surplus store. Make sure to pick up a canteen to carry water with you anywhere you go and bring along an MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat. The new portable meals require no water and no preparation before eating.

Camping gear military style items can make you feel like a rugged survivalist even if you’re going to your local campground. If you’re heading out into the deep woods, military gear can help you stay safe from elements and predators. No matter where you’re camping, make sure to wear sunscreen, bring insect repellant, and carry a first aid kit. When in the deep woods, it’s always a good idea to carry some weapon or noisemaker such as pepper spray, a loud whistle or even a knife to frighten or fight off any predatory animals if you are unlucky enough to encounter them. When it comes to the outdoors, the military has a lot to offer in the way of useful and sturdy equipment. When choosing and packing your military gear, keep in mind a phrase from another organized group.

cool camo tent

As the Boy Scouts say — ‘Always be Prepared!

Solar Panels When on A Camping Trip

Holiday camping is a satisfying activity for numerous people. Moreover, retiring people sometimes choose to live full-time in a recreational vehicle (RV). No matter whether holiday camping or maybe living full-time in a recreational vehicle, a question that can come up is; should a person install a solar energy system or utilise a generator to create electricity?

This can only be answered by understanding the benefits of using the best of the two alternatives which would probably be the solar power:

1. Solar Panels are a cheaper method of power production:

When out camping, the last thing you want to hear is that you will spend so much money during your camping period. It can be prevented by using solar power since it asks for nothing other than the energy from the sun which is readily available.

You wouldn’t have to spend much on fuel and maintenance like in the case of a generator. Also, panels are sealed tight for protecting against poor weather plus they contain no moving parts that can deteriorate.

2. Camping solar panels are flexible:

Flexible solar power panels are simply that; Flexible! These items are well-liked because of their convenience, mobility, and even adaptability. Flexible solar panels are the ideal option if you want a portable energy system which you can bring to any place. Additionally, they weigh less in comparison to generators, which means more convenience in portability.

3. Solar power is a clean source of energy:

Solar panels can’t ever be compared to generators when it comes to conservation of the environment. With the consequences of global warming impacting the whole world, we inevitably need to go for a greener option. In this case, the sun provides pure, clean energy which is a plus to environment conservation.

4. Solar panels do not produce any noise whatsoever:

Generators create lots of loud noise where solar panel systems emit no sound. Whenever in the forest, watching animals is pleasurable. Though, loud noise generated by generators will keep away the animals.

5. Solar panels can be a source of both AC and DC:

When using solar panels, you have an advantage since a full solar panel setup comes with inverters and batteries. An inverter usually converts DC power to AC power, which means that you can access instant 120Volts whenever you need it. The battery reserves will provide you with 24Volts or 12Volts power.

When installing a solar panel for a Recreational Vehicle, it is preferred to install it in a place that will not disrupt the functions of roof components.

The panels should be installed at a location where the wires can easily pass through so that you won’t lack to close a window entirely so as to allow passage of wires.
You also want to place the panels at a significant distance from the edges of the roof. This can prevent falling off from the roof of your caravan.

produce your own energy on the go

Produce your own energy on the go

The process of setting up the solar panels:
1. Disconnecting power sources like the battery of the vehicle.
2. Wrapping up the solar panels to prevent the production of power prematurely, so that there are no worries in case of any faults when installing.
3. Identifying the position where you want to place the solar panels. Make sure the area usually receive sunlight from morning to evening without any distractions.
4. Place the mounting devices for the solar panels, on the place where you have identified to install the solar panels.
5. Place the solar panels on the mounting devices, so that they are firmly fixed.
6. Install a regulator in the caravan, which prevents overcharging of the battery.
7. Pass the conducting wires from the solar panel to the regulator in the RV. Take into account the polarity of the wires, so that you can connect them correctly.
8. Connect the conducting wires from the regulator to the battery of the RV, still taking care of the polarity.
9. Crosscheck the whole wiring system to make sure it’s not faulty.
10. Reconnect the battery and then uncover the solar panels. Your charging process should begin immediately, and you can now enjoy your clean and hustle-free power.

In conclusion, your next camping trip should be completely eased-up, considering the advantages that come with powering your caravan with solar energy. Consider, however, to go for such a trip when the sun is shining. Visit this site to know more

Flashlights: Your Perfect Camping Partner

If it is frightening enough when you are alone in your house and it is very dark, what more if you are out in the woods having the idea of no electricity at all and far from the civilisation?

There is always a risk when going on an adventure, but there will be no excitement if it has no risk at all and besides it would not be called experience if you feel like you are just in your home.

Example of Rechargeable Flashlights

Example of Rechargeable Flashlights

The adventure and fun begin when you do extraordinary things that are out of your ordinary life in the city. The adventure begins if you experience something that regular people do not experience even once. Getting an experience with nature like camping out in the woods indeed offers excitement, but this will be more fun if you have the perfect accessories to bring flashlights. It will be your partner especially if you are relatively afraid of the dark.

Flashlights should always be included in your camping accessories like the Swiss army knife. This equipment should always be inside your camping bag especially when you are going to a place where civilisation is relatively far to reach. People who are fond of adventure should not neglect to include flashlights in their list accessories because this is one of the life saver accessories that people should have. The Internet has the best camping accessories in the market. You can always find something handy and durable for your camping adventure that will surely help you move out into the woods. Here are some of the high-quality flashlights that you can consider.

Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 C4 LED Rail-Mounted Weapon

For more or less $103, this accessory offers the intensity of 7,000-candela peak beam for about 135 lumens system output. This fixture will run out of light for an estimated 2.5 hours of continuous usage. Built with waterproof and dustproof capability with machined aluminium and finished with anodised sealed construction. Rail locating keys is built for block compatibility.

Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED

This pocket size baby has a very durable LED emitter built with high and low light capability. The tempered window coating resists thermal shock which maximises light emission. The body is made from aluminium, hard-anodized offering superior durability. Has an O-ring that is gasket sealed offering a waterproof capability.

Mag Instrument ST3D016 3 “D” Maglite LED

get bright lighting everytimeThis product has a durable alloy casing with O-ring for waterproof capability. Compact and lightweight but offers high-intensity beam of light. Light sourcing is interchangeable from LED module to Krypton lamp which is stored in the tail cap.

Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlights

It is installed C4 LED technology can last a lifetime for up to 50,000 hours. Offer three modes for a one-handed operation which includes strobe, variable intensity, and momentary. Can last 30 minutes in the water having a depth of one metre.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light

This flashlight is built with C4 LED technology for high-intensity lighting. Waterproof design with three different modes of operation including low or high, high only, and high/low/strobe. Holster and pocket clip are removable.

If you want more camping, equipment reviews and accessories follow my blog and enjoy choosing different camping equipment.

5 Simple BBQ Cleaning Tips to Keep Yours in Tip-top Shape

You most probably have done it.
Spent ages trying to rid your barbeque of gunky grime that just won’t go away.
Or cleaned it meticulously only to realise that you ruined the delicate finish. And you most certainly have wondered whether there was a better way to do it. Very well, here are five practical barbeque cleaning tips to help yours remain in mint condition.

1. Warm It up First

a clean bbq is importantIf you want to enjoy a seamless barbeque cleaning session, then you should consider heating it up before everything else. Cleaning it while cool and when everything is rock-hard will be a gruelling task. In contrast, warming it up will bake up food residue and dirt making it easy to brush them off. So before everything else, turn on the gas or light the coal and leave the interior to warm up for a while, and then give it a quick brush.
Alternatively, you can quickly brush off the dirt and food residues after just after barbequing before you sit to enjoy your barbeque with friends and family. Softening everything up simply saves you valuable time and energy.

2. Use a Steam Cleaner

Using a steam cleaner is a handy alternative to warming up the BBQ first. It is the best way to quickly blast and loosen up sticky dirt and grime before everything else. That’s because steam rapidly dissolves all stubborn stains at the tap of a button. The best advantage of steam cleaning though is its ability to clean up those difficult-to-clean corners that are hard to reach with a brush. On top of that, Steam cleaning also disinfects and sanitises all surfaces leaving them safe for future barbecuing. Visiter le site mon nettoyeur to know more on steam cleaners!

3. Say No to Harsh Chemicals

use the right tools to remove the greaseYou probably make some of your favourite recipes using your BBQ, and that’s why you want to ensure that it remains safe for future use. That’s why you need to keep harsh chemicals away. Harsh chemicals like oven cleaners, for instance, leave chemical residues capable of changing the taste of food or eliciting noxious fumes that cause respiratory problems. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Think about the safety gear that the use of harsh cleaning chemicals necessitates; wearing rubber gloves on a hot summer’s day is no fun, is it?

4. Go Easy on the Stainless Steel Finish

Refraining from harsh chemicals will not just keep you safe, it will also ensure the longevity of your BBQ finishes.
Do you want to keep your BBQ looking good for the long haul, don’t you? If you do, do not use abrasive scrubbers such as wire brushes or steel wool on stainless steel or enamel surfaces. If you are experiencing stubborn stains, consider going for non-scratch scrubbers and only use them to scrub in the direction of the grain; not in circular patterns or across.
Trying a scrubber on a discreet spot first will give you an idea of how safe it is for your barbeque surface. It’s also a very good idea to give your BBQ a nice finish using a stainless steel polish to ensure maximum durability.

5. Don’t Use Aluminum Foil Incineration

There all sorts of problems that come with this barbeque cleaning technique. There is a massive risk of component warping, paint failure, melting and gas fire. Most manufacturers explicitly warn you against this practice in the owner’s manual, and you may void your warranty if you choose to go on with it. If you get intend to get rid of sticky food remains, you can still achieve this just by heating up the barbeque to soften it without having to use a layer. The bottom line is, you want to stay away from this old technique at all cost or else you ruin your apparatus.