Military Style Camping Gear

The military can teach us a lot about how to survive in the wild. While those of us who aren’t in the service may not know all the secret tactics and techniques of the military, we can take cues from them by using camping gear — military style.

bottles and backpacksYou might be wondering how military-style camping equipment differs from normal camping equipment. Quality is one way. Military gear is going to be well-made and extremely rugged. While you may not find a lot of fancy frills, you will find equipment that gets the job done.

Military surplus stores are great places to buy outdoor gear made for military use. You can find clothing made for the wilderness, from headwear to footwear and everything in between those two extremes. Whether you’re camping in the woods or the desert, you can find the perfect clothing just made for such conditions. A shelter is something else you’ll find, including a variety of tents for different size groups and various terrains and climates. Then there are the gadgets!

Need to see far away? Try a pair of military binoculars. To find your way, try a G.I. compass or GPS system. Many surplus stores even offer handbooks and guidebooks which teach you how to survive in a variety of conditions. And don’t forget the tools. You’ll discover military style knives, shovels, sharpeners and much more at a surplus store. Make sure to pick up a canteen to carry water with you anywhere you go and bring along an MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat. The new portable meals require no water and no preparation before eating.

Camping gear military style items can make you feel like a rugged survivalist even if you’re going to your local campground. If you’re heading out into the deep woods, military gear can help you stay safe from elements and predators. No matter where you’re camping, make sure to wear sunscreen, bring insect repellant, and carry a first aid kit. When in the deep woods, it’s always a good idea to carry some weapon or noisemaker such as pepper spray, a loud whistle or even a knife to frighten or fight off any predatory animals if you are unlucky enough to encounter them. When it comes to the outdoors, the military has a lot to offer in the way of useful and sturdy equipment. When choosing and packing your military gear, keep in mind a phrase from another organized group.

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As the Boy Scouts say — ‘Always be Prepared!

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