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Our Review of Some of the Best Camping Tents on The Market

Welcome back dear readers. Today we present to you our camping tent reviews including some of the most trusted brands and hottest products found online and available on the market!

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 6 Person Instant TentColeman 6 Person Instant Tent sets up and takes down in under a minute, getting you covered or ready for action. It fits two queen air mattresses or 6 users comfortably.

Having a Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent in your backpack prepares you for a quick camp set-up or weather shelter in less than a minute. This versatile tent deploys and tears down quick and easy, leaving more time for camping fun.
In the event of sudden, nasty weather, a dry, comfortable refuge is a minute away. Steel constructed poles are tough and part of the unit which allows everything to stay in one place, not get lost or bent and provide the now famous easy set-up.


One piece design allows 1-minute set-up and take-down;
Click and lock extension poles are self-contained with no parts lost;
Center height of 6 feet for taller campers;
10 x 9-floor space fits two queen air mattresses;
Proprietary WeatherTec system, lab tested and guaranteed to keep you dry;
The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent proudly carries a manufacturer’s warranty for one year.

Significant Advantages

The fabric is double the usual construction, meaning thicker and tougher than standard. All fabrics are weather resistant coated polyester.
Special webbing technology works with anti-wicking thread, keeping rain and moisture outside.
Extra tough zipping mechanisms maintain the tent secure from the weather, insects, and lots of demanding use.
Fully taped means no need for a rain fly. Rain flies are available for those who choose to use them.
Fast deploy and teardown. Typically cumbersome poles are replaced with easy to use click and lock extension poles.
Tall centre height and larger floor space.
Assembly is simply unfolding, spreading out and standing up.
Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent features Click and locks extension poles with rugged steel construction.
Handy Velcro frame attachments keep everything tight and secure.
Plenty of ventilation with access from the inside. Two large side windows with one massive window in the back. Front features a large door window with a side window as well. Two roof flaps offer top vents and all accessible from within the tent so you stay dry and warm in a sudden weather onslaught.
Instructions are incredibly intuitive. Spread out the tent, click lock the poles, set up and stake it down. Simple and yet very effective!
The floor is also part of the patented WeatherTec system. The welding technology prevents moisture seepage and leaks.
Some Of the Disadvantages

Difficult to find with this rugged camping shelter. These points are cautions as opposed to weaknesses.
As with any tent, keep in mind all that needs shelter, not just humans. It is a six person tent but depending on supplies and sundries that need housing; space may be at a premium.
It should also be kept in mind; this unit is advertised as six person OR 2 queen air mattresses.

Customer Experiences!

Outdoors people of all types love the ease and durability of Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent. Some have even taken to YouTube to sing its praises, by demonstrating the quick and easy setup and takedown.
Users love the easy access interior ventilation features and the tough zipping mechanisms adding, even more, protection from the elements, insects and of course lots of zipping and unzipping. Also enjoyed are the large windows and doors that allow occupants to enjoy the outside but become quickly protected in stormy conditions.
Guy out staking adds another feature users like for extra security in blustery conditions, and, combined with state of the art click and lock steel extension poles, keeps the tent in place.

Price: $104 – $116


Spacious and easy to use, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent makes a great acquisition for any outdoors lover!

Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person

Eight sleep comfortably in the Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red). Boasts attached screen porch for relaxation and sleeping.

Designed with a larger family camping party in mind, the Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red) is your ticket to capacity comfort.
Enjoy the attached screened in front porch, adding three-sided views of your mountain surroundings or forest interiors. Even your backyard becomes an instant campsite and haven from bugs when this tent is deployed.

WENZEL KLONDIKE 16 X 11-FEET EIGHT-PERSONWeather and water repelled by Weather Armor polyester, coated with polyurethane;
Weighs under 30lbs for easier carrying and carting;
16’ wide by a tall 6’.5” centre height by 11’ long make this a capacity oriented tent;
Features double-staked power corners adding stability in all conditions;
Optional full mesh roof;
Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red) features a useful and fun screen porch serving as a relaxing area, free from bugs, as extra sleeping quarters or as a safer gear storage space.
Windows zip up for added protection.

This is definitely not a tent for backpacking but this model will suit a family for sedentary camping.

Biggest Advantages:

The obvious main advantage is the sheer size of this tent. Eight people can sleep in it, but fewer people leave a very functional screen area for recreation, gear stowing, card table for games, and the list goes on.
The zip-up windows allow transformation from screen area to a part of the actual tent for shelter and sleeping quarters. The main cabin area is generously spacious. Like the main cabin, the screen room is also fully floored, protecting against bugs, dirt and moisture.
6 foot 5-inch centre height in the main cabin means even the tallest of campers are not bending down to get around.
Airflow and ventilation are optimal in the Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red) and the full mesh roof option adds even more.
Double stitched, lap-felled seams add extra severe weather resistance and tear protection.
Optional full mesh roof means enjoying your surroundings by day and starry attractions at night.
Harsh weather is kept at bay with the Weather Armor system enhanced by the polyurethane coating.
Highly versatile Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red) can be used in the traditional camping sense but also for backyard fun and even tailgating at sports events.
Hidden Disadvantages

Large capacity tents often weigh over 20 lbs, this one included, at just less than 30 lbs. This is something to consider for long hikes to your camping spot and certainly achievable.
Again, just a consideration, being this large and spacious, two person set-up is recommended.

Client Reviews:

Family and group campers can’t say enough good things about this spacious and functional tent. Added pocket features and duffels only enhance the great news from happy customers.
Quick and straightforward two person set-up and take down.
Withstood 75 mph winds in the Grand Canyon and kept interior dry.
Shock cords and double staking made campers secure in their shelter in all kinds of weather.
This tent is as close to home away from home as anyone can find. Great design and attention to detail both in features and weather protection produce a well rounded, multi-purpose shelter.

Price: $142 – $156


When outdoor fun and security are a must, the Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent (Light Grey/Taupe/Red) is ready to provide you and your family the ultimate outdoor camping experience either at home, weekend sporting event or your favourite camping destination.

Stylish Canopy Type Standing Room 100 Hanging Tent

Standing Room 100 hanging tent attaches quickly to most 10×10 canopy frames (not included). Weather resistant walls, two doors and two storage pouches included.

The Standing Room 100 hanging tent turns any standard 10 x 10 canopy into a functional and fun home anywhere you stake it down. While obviously a great choice for camping, flea markets, car races and tailgating sporting events just got a lot more fun, dry and comfortable.
With a hundred square feet to walk around or relax in, you and your family will never be crowded. Want it even bigger? Two separate doors make it modular so you can add another canopy and Standing Room 100 hanging Tent for double your interior camping or storage area.

Important Features

Canopy Type Standing Room 100 Hanging TentWill readily attach to most 10 x 10 gazebo style or canopy sets either slant or straight leg;
Complete with canopy hooks, the tent sets up in rapid fashion hooking right to canopy;
Simple installation instructions included;
Entrance and exit doors keep traffic and air flowing and add a “Connect” feature letting users add another tent and canopy unit for double the interior space;
Standing Room 100 hanging Tent sleeps five campers comfortably;
Plenty of moving around room as it measures 10 square feet and has a centre height of 102 inches;
Waterproof polyester, fire and UV resistant, keeps the occupants warm and dry;
Seams are double stitched and taped for added toughness;
Floor is completely waterproof made of a seamless and rugged Polyurethane taffeta nylon;
Four interior storage pockets keep tools, phones, GPS units, and flashlights safe and dry;
Loop-ties around the interior perimeter offer convenient places to hang clothes, towels, and extra trash bags;
Two handy velcro power outlet holes keep cords out of the way and in their place.
Hot Advantages:

The most immediate advantage is the height. No more bending over to walk around for taller users. Center point is over 8 feet.
Vertical walls cancel out most of the slant found in other tents thus retaining a lot of standing head room.
Easy install: Once your canopy is up, just hooking the Standing Room 100 hanging tent is a simple process. Takes less than 10 minutes.
Versatile: This unit is not just for camping. Wherever protection is needed from sun, wind, and rain, is where this is useful. Campers, tailgaters and flea marketers are only a few crowds that enjoy this high capacity, multi-purpose tent.
Lots of extras add to the “convenience factor”. Windows, entrance and exit, interior storage pockets, loop-ties for hanging things and even two ports for power cords mean everything has been thought of to enhance your enjoyment.
Windows and doors outfitted with rugged zippers made for use and keeping you protected from bugs and weather.
The floor is tub-style meaning completely waterproof and tough.
Expandable: Use the 2nd door to attach another canopy and tent. This adds more room for campers or storage.

Some Of the Disadvantages

Extra headroom means high profile for the wind. While very wind resistant, care must be taken to stake down properly and according to weather conditions both current and forecasted.
When taking down, be sure and unzip doors and windows to allow air escape.

Customer Perceptions:

This product is seen as a true testament to the company’s commitment to quality. Earlier editions of this tent got some complaints from users. Those who had earlier versions have been more than satisfied by this latest release and are extremely pleased to share their new, positive feedback.
All those “extras” add convenience. Zippers and fasteners are of top quality meaning extra tight security and stability. Users assure that a well thought out design and deployment strategy has been delivered.
Making your next outdoor adventure roomy, safe, and exciting is as easy with the Standing Room 100 hanging Tent .

Price: $120 – $139