About Us

A place where the trail ends and adventure begins! Trail Tents will take you there. That’s what we’re all about here at Trail Tents, providing the right camping tent for your trail hiking or extreme climbing adventures. We provide camping tips and backpacking tents that are designed and tested for your comfort and security to take you to The Backside.hikers

Check out our exclusive line of quality crafted lightweight backpacking tents and our ultraLight trail tent line ranging from a 1 person Bivy 3 season tent to our 4 Person Dome 4 season tent models for Backpacking tent camping. We also provide helpful tips for selecting the right tent and FREE Resources for your Family and Scouting organization.

Our craftsmanship of 3 season & 4 season shelters is second to none. Weather you are looking for a 1 person tent or a 4 person tent our exclusive line of Backside backpacking tents made of durable quality lightweight tent material and it’s unique waterproof features is sure to give the outdoor experience you are looking for.

Our Backside backpacking tents make GREAT gifts for family and friends, whether they’re just getting started on the hiking trail or there seasoned mountaineers that are looking to expand their hiking adventures. Either way you know they will enjoy there Backside tent as much as you do.

That’s what were all about here at Trailtents.com, satisfying our customers one experience at a time.