raises 10 million euros.

This is the second fundraising for, after the first operation in 2013.

Thanks to this operation, the outside accommodation booking engine wants to accelerate its development and deploy new tools, notably on B2B. gives itself the means of its ambitions. After cleaning up its brands last September, the outdoor accommodation booking engine has just raised ten million euros to accelerate its development.

Luxempart led the roundtable and also includes Ekkio Capital, a historical investor who had already taken a stake during the first fundraising in 2013. The objective is bright for the company founded by Olivier Lachenaud and Luc Dayen to move up a gear. A market valued at some 9.2 billion euros in Europe. The clientele has changed a lot. The most striking development is that the clients of campsites are becoming mostly urban. In the past, the market used to target a peri-urban clientele in the provinces, quite simply because it was necessary to have enough space to store camping equipment at home. Today, with the rental, you can leave very quickly, with your car. Also, people realize that many campsites have nothing to envy to the holiday village club formulas regarding offers or equipment. will rely on this fundraiser to continue sharpening its technological tools, including B2B. These will be very advanced tools for decision support, selection and customization of the offer, adapted to professionals according to their needs. cultivates a multi-channel positioning between direct sales and sales generated by different operators, under the white label, via the CE, or travel agencies. A balance that he wants to maintain.

Already present in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Croatia in particular, also wants to continue its international deployment, particularly towards Northern European countries, to offer a global European offer. The abandonment, last September, of the Camping N°1 brands, the brand intended for travel agents and works councils, and of Vacances Camping, for B2C, had been the first step in this process of clarification and internationalization of, whose website is available in several languages.

Finally, wants to take advantage of this new roundtable to seriously strengthen its workforce. In particular, the company intends to enhance its customer service and marketing capabilities.

In 2017, announces a turnover of over €60M and has accompanied more than 500,000 travelers, mainly from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The company refers to nearly 2,500 partner campsites (from family campsites to 5-star complexes).

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