Mountain Climbing is All About Preparation

mountaineering is an art

Mountain climbing or mountaineering also often called, is one of the favourite hobbies for the instigators of the wild. The level of difficulty will require struggle comparable to the results when it can reach the top and enjoy the natural beauty of the highest peak. The following points are important in mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing technique is running or hiking. Walking on the mountain is done by small steps. Steps that are too wide will upset the balance of body, due to the steep terrain on the mountain and our weight has increased with the load on the back. In the narrow lane or on the back of a cliff to be extra careful, step slowed, set the distance, not precede each other, and running following the official channels that already exist. Do not be reluctant to back down and check the path if the path in front of the doubt. If a physical good, a climber can run two to three hours without a break. As a minimum size, walk 1 hour to break 10 minutes is not bad. When down the mountain to be considered in addition to pushing our weight down, if not followed the path follows the mountain ridge. Do not follow the flow of the river because the river on the mountain is usually forming waterfalls and located at the bottom of deep ravines. Even following the river, do from the top of the mountain ridge.

If we do mountain climbing in a group or as a team, there must be a leader and deputy leader of the team; the leader will run in front of the group to monitor the path and deputy leader in the rear ranks to monitor the state of the group. If hiking in groups is suggested for each person brings a whistle or a group password, for example, a password may be a brief word marker entourage. Their role is to Minimise the occurrence is not want.

Ensuring safety of climbing equipment when carrying supplies to mountain climbing. Do not just on the content of such a personal tool toothpaste, towels, lipstick, etc.. But also do not forget the intake of food and beverages, protective clothing and body warmers, or it could be a blanket or sleeping bag that we can use when cold hits.

Physical Preparation

make sure you are up to paceA very important before mountain climbing is a physical training. An essential basis for the climbers is aerobic power because its activity is strongly influenced by the transport of oxygen through the blood circulation to the muscles of the body. Therefore, in the preparation phase climbers have to do aerobic exercises like running, gymnastics, or cycling. Besides aerobics, should also be trained strength and endurance of muscles, especially muscles of the shoulders, back, waist, and legs. But do not push yourself to climb if the health and physical condition were weak indeed because it would be fatal in the ascent.

Adaptation to the environment

Acclimatisation is excellent for mountain climbing every form of sentient beings, have a particular time to adjust to the amount of oxygen in the higher regions. The time required for adjustments to the air each and every person is different. People who are healthy and well trained, and who used to live at an altitude of approximately 500 m require 2 to 3 days before she felt comfortable with the altitude between 2000 m to 2500 m. To live at an altitude of 2500 m to 3000 m, the acclimatisation takes from 3 to 5 days. And to ride at a height of 4000 m is more, should be for one week at the altitude of 2000 m asl.

Travel plans and calculation time

amazing grand canyon national parkIncluding preparation of a special trip to mountain climbing, that is carefully studying the map and directions. The route for the return trip must also be carefully studied and planned that can be safety mountain climbing; this corresponds well with the symptoms of fatigue that will be experienced. While the travel time for travel rules applicable regulations as follows: for the horizontal distance along the 4 km should be calculated as 1 hour, in 1 hour a climber can go up an average of 400 m and can go down 600-700 m. Map, compass and measuring altitude and air pressure gauges are things that must be learned well before mountain climbing.

Then most certainly if you go to mountain climbing, do not feel very understanding of the path. Although we’ve climbed the mountain for the umpteenth time, the route is volatile, not always the same as the first moment we know. So be careful and watch your steps.

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