Solar Panels When on A Camping Trip

Holiday camping is a satisfying activity for numerous people. Moreover, retiring people sometimes choose to live full-time in a recreational vehicle (RV). No matter whether holiday camping or maybe living full-time in a recreational vehicle, a question that can come up is; should a person install a solar energy system or utilise a generator to create electricity?

This can only be answered by understanding the benefits of using the best of the two alternatives which would probably be the solar power:

1. Solar Panels are a cheaper method of power production:

When out camping, the last thing you want to hear is that you will spend so much money during your camping period. It can be prevented by using solar power since it asks for nothing other than the energy from the sun which is readily available.

You wouldn’t have to spend much on fuel and maintenance like in the case of a generator. Also, panels are sealed tight for protecting against poor weather plus they contain no moving parts that can deteriorate.

2. Camping solar panels are flexible:

Flexible solar power panels are simply that; Flexible! These items are well-liked because of their convenience, mobility, and even adaptability. Flexible solar panels are the ideal option if you want a portable energy system which you can bring to any place. Additionally, they weigh less in comparison to generators, which means more convenience in portability.

3. Solar power is a clean source of energy:

Solar panels can’t ever be compared to generators when it comes to conservation of the environment. With the consequences of global warming impacting the whole world, we inevitably need to go for a greener option. In this case, the sun provides pure, clean energy which is a plus to environment conservation.

4. Solar panels do not produce any noise whatsoever:

Generators create lots of loud noise where solar panel systems emit no sound. Whenever in the forest, watching animals is pleasurable. Though, loud noise generated by generators will keep away the animals.

5. Solar panels can be a source of both AC and DC:

When using solar panels, you have an advantage since a full solar panel setup comes with inverters and batteries. An inverter usually converts DC power to AC power, which means that you can access instant 120Volts whenever you need it. The battery reserves will provide you with 24Volts or 12Volts power.

When installing a solar panel for a Recreational Vehicle, it is preferred to install it in a place that will not disrupt the functions of roof components.

The panels should be installed at a location where the wires can easily pass through so that you won’t lack to close a window entirely so as to allow passage of wires.
You also want to place the panels at a significant distance from the edges of the roof. This can prevent falling off from the roof of your caravan.

produce your own energy on the go

Produce your own energy on the go

The process of setting up the solar panels:
1. Disconnecting power sources like the battery of the vehicle.
2. Wrapping up the solar panels to prevent the production of power prematurely, so that there are no worries in case of any faults when installing.
3. Identifying the position where you want to place the solar panels. Make sure the area usually receive sunlight from morning to evening without any distractions.
4. Place the mounting devices for the solar panels, on the place where you have identified to install the solar panels.
5. Place the solar panels on the mounting devices, so that they are firmly fixed.
6. Install a regulator in the caravan, which prevents overcharging of the battery.
7. Pass the conducting wires from the solar panel to the regulator in the RV. Take into account the polarity of the wires, so that you can connect them correctly.
8. Connect the conducting wires from the regulator to the battery of the RV, still taking care of the polarity.
9. Crosscheck the whole wiring system to make sure it’s not faulty.
10. Reconnect the battery and then uncover the solar panels. Your charging process should begin immediately, and you can now enjoy your clean and hustle-free power.

In conclusion, your next camping trip should be completely eased-up, considering the advantages that come with powering your caravan with solar energy. Consider, however, to go for such a trip when the sun is shining. Visit this site to know more

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